How my life is changing at SLC

Coming to St Lawrence has caused a huge change in my life. Obviously.

I’ve gone from living in a small town, working at Walmart every single day to living in a city I don’t know and going to class again after being out of school for a year.  The stress of assignments, the stretched out the class schedule and all the note taking has been hard to get used to. I had to leave my job, my routine and pretty much everyone I knew and I’ve had to completely step out of my comfort zone. The change has been hard and I have definitely struggled with it but its all been worth it.

Since coming here I have opened myself up to so many new things. I have met new and interesting people and have made friends who I adore. I have become more confident and have been able to fight against my anxiety enough to step outside of my comfort zone. The best part has been my classes. Every day I go to class and become a little more excited about my future. I enjoy all my classes, I find everything I’m learning so interesting and all my professors are amazing.  I’m so happy I made the choice to come here and learn about advertising and marketing. I don’t know what my future here will be but I have high hopes for it.

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