What Does It Mean to be a Dancer?

Everybody dance now! Webster’s Dictionary defines dancing as “to move one’s body rhythmically usually to music,” but to be a dancer is much more than that. Anybody can be a dancer, even people who are not good at dancing. People think to be a dancer you need talent and success but that’s not true. To be a dancer you need determination and passion for dance.

It’s means trying

Being a dancer is never easy, but anyone can do it. To be a dancer you must be willing to try to improve yourself and put effort into how you dance. Anyone can dance at a wedding or in a club and then never dance in their regular lives, but this doesn’t make them a dancer. To be a dancer, dancing needs to be a part of your everyday life and you must be dedicated to it.

It means passion

Dancing, like every form of art, needs passion. To be a dancer you must love dancing with all your heart. Dancing is never something you should be forced into or do out of obligation. If someone dances out of obligation and without passion, it will show in their dancing. Dancing is an emotional experience and you must be willing to put your whole heart into it.

It means doing your best, not being the best

A common misconception is that to be a real dancer you must be a professional dancer. This is false. Being a dancer has nothing to do with whether you’re professional or if it’s a hobby. To be a dancer you don’t even have to be good. No dance teacher would ever look at a student and say that they were not a real dancer just because they weren’t good. Dance is about passion and determination, not skill or success.

It means loving dancing

One of the greatest things about dancing is that anyone can do it. It’s so much more than just moving to music. It’s art. It’s about passion and determination. It’s about always trying your best and loving every second of it. You don’t need skill to be a real dancer. The only thing you need to be a dancer is a love for dancing and desire to become a better dancer each day.

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