The Destruction of the Feminine Archetype: A Fifth Business Analysis

Relationships and how they affect the character is a crucial part of the novel. It is what drives vital points in the plot. Unfortunately, in this novel because of warped animas and deep psychological trauma Dunstan, Boy and Paul all leave a wake of destruction in the lives of the women around them. Any women who have a relationship with them must conform to a masculine role if they have any hope of succeeding next to these men. All of them have unhealthy relationships with feminine women and can only cope with women whom they do not see as feminine. That hate and fear of femininity cause a lot of pain for the women in this novel. Davies writes the characters to fit Carl Jung’s archetypes and any character fitting a primarily feminine archetype is shown to be unsuccessful in their relationships and lives. The way Fifth Business shows how men and women react to each other is not only a primary theme in the novel but also a deep reflection of actual society.

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