Beyond the Blogosphere

I never believed I would fall into the blogosphere, but here I am. In my computer skills for communicators course, my teacher Jackie had the class create WordPress blogs. Since then I have learned about what it means to be a new blogger, what an effective blog is and what it means to write for a global audience.

Now I’m a brand-new blogger with my first post being about my time in college. I will be blogging for class projects, but I hope to continue after that. I have spent countless hours designing this blog, so I can keep blogging after St Lawrence. Being the newbie that I am this blog isn’t perfect, but every day I learn more about being an effective blogger.

I have learned that to be an effective blogger you need to add a personal twist to make your posts unique. It shouldn’t be too long or hard to read because no one is coming to your blog looking for a whole novel. You should also give your readers something to think about by asking them a compelling question and so much more.

I’ve been writing for years as a hobby, but I’ve never thought about writing for a global audience. It’s scary letting people read my writing because it’s important to me, but it’s also exciting. I believe when learning you need to be critiqued and your work needs to be reviewed, so I look forward to hearing what others think. I will grow as a writer because of this blog and be able to share my passion for writing with others.

Now that I’m stuck in the blogosphere I know what’s it’s like to start on a new path when it comes to writing. Being a new blogger, writing effective blogs and having anyone in the world see my work will help me grow as a writer and teach me how to reach people with my writing. Now I have a question for all my fellow writers. What would it mean for you to start your journey beyond the blogosphere?



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