What is The Gathering 2020?

It’s a cult! I’m just kidding even though their logo looks like the Illuminati and their website is literally https://cultgathering.com/. Yikes.

I’m just joking though. The Gathering is actually this awesome marketing conference in where some of the best marketers in the world come together to talk about Cult Brands. Don’t know what a cult brand is? Don’t worry, just check out this blog post.

What do you do there?

Like any conference, The Gathering is meant for professionals to come together and talk and generate ideas. There are keynotes, talks, discussions and a lot of networking. It’s a space for people in the marketing world to learn and make connections.

The Gathering is about branding, specifically cult brands. The best most recognizable brands in the world and the people who run them come to the conference to talk about the ins and out of branding.

What brands will be there this year?

Since The Gathering 2020 is awhile away as I’m writing this who will and will not be there might change by the time it all comes around. Here’s what I know now.

Currently the brands that are listed are Skittles, Hot Wheels, Doritos, Spotify, Coca-Cola, ESPN, Tim Hortons, A&W and along with that some up and coming brands and other speakers are scheduled to be there. It’s incredibly exciting to possibly be in the same space as some of the greatest brand creators out there and to hear how they do what they do.

This event may not be as interesting to you if you’re not in the business/marketing world but for us it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Well where is it?

Another great part of this opportunity is the location. The Gathering takes place in beautiful Banff, Alberta and despite the current political climate *cough* #Wexit *cough* it is still an amazing location with gorgeous views and a great atmosphere.

It’s all taking place in February so it’s gonna be real cold but it’s worth it. The experience of being in such a beautiful environment is great for the mind and adding on the amount knowledge to gain at The Gathering makes this opportunity one in a million.


Wanna learn more?

Of course, you want to learn more! To do so you can check out their website https://cultgathering.com/. Or follow them on their social media pages Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.  Are there any conference that you love? Let me know in the comments.

*Just to let you know I got to go to The Gathering!


  1. Great insights in why you’re trying to earn a spot for The Gathering! Great information about The Gathering itself! I look forward to learning more through this series! Thanks for sharing, Sierra!

    P.S. I’m totally using a link to this article as my “in” for explaining to my followers why I want to go!

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