My Favorite Brands because that’s a Normal Interest

I like big brands, itty bitty brands! Mississippi brands, inner-city brands! I like the pretty brands with the bow tie! These are just some of my favourite brands because you know that’s a normal interest and I love branding. Once again, this is in no particular order because I really don’t have the time. Ok, let’s get started!

No Name

The advertising that No Name has been doing lately is incredible. They have proven to be a totally self-aware brand and are using that to their advantage. They understand how they are perceived by their audience and are embracing the reputation they have made for themselves in a super funny and creative way. Just check out this commercial they did recently.


Wendy’s has been revolutionary in online brand personification. Their twitter roasts changed how brands interact and engage with their online audience. The popularity gained through their online presence caused a massive wave of brands to try and be relatable online. That wave resulted in some great and not-so-great content to be pushed out by some of the best brands in the world. Still, to this day, no other brand has been able to top Wendy’s in this category. Check out their twitter to see what I mean.

Frito- Lays

Lays has dominated the chip industry in the last few years through engaging campaigns and new and unique flavour concepts. The campaigns they have done have been innovative and creative, with a consistent theme of interaction with their audience. They are continually coming out with new flavours and new promotions to engage with customers. I particularly liked their Operation Smile, check it out!


Ok, I know the Tide-Pod challenge was a huge safety hazard, and a lot of people got sick, and it was stupid but hear me out. It is impressive that the company has zero to do with it, yet still was able to get so much exposure. It wasn’t all great exposure, of course, but the level of awareness that brand got for some stupid internet challenge is fantastic. It’s a great example of forced user-generated content.


A company like Apple is a gold standard in branding as they have created such a cult following it is almost like they can do nothing wrong. They are one of the only brands I know that can pump out the same product over and over again and still get huge sales. They are also the only brand I know of that can literally take features away *cough headphone jack cough* and still sell just as many products.

Jeffree Star

Yeah yeah, I know influencers are a touchy topic for marketers but there’s a lot to learn from Jeffree Star’s brand. Jeffree Star is one of the few influencers I’ve seen who turned their brand into a legitimate business and went beyond just selling merch and social media posts. The way he markets is brilliant using drama, tension and the beast that is the makeup industry to his advantage. His recent work with Shane Dawson is an excellent example of using status, hard work, transparency and hype to market. Check out the documentary series on his latest endeavor.


Come on, you had to know Nike would be here. Even though they haven’t been in the news too much lately, they have immortalized their brand by being one of the most significant risk-takers out there. It is always a risky move to incorporate politics and controversy into your marketing, but Nike has always seen it as an opportunity. They are willing to possibly alienate a large market to increase brand awareness and notoriety. That takes balls that a lot of brands don’t have. Check out their Colin Kaepernick ad to see what I mean.

What are some of your favorite brands?

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