Images that are Kinda Funny for Business Students

Everyone needs a good laugh, especially us poor business student. I’ve brought together some of my favourite images that I think are funny for business students.

Criteria: I laughed

1. When people don’t really get what we do

2. You’re never 100% confident

3. When you’re always trying to be innovative

4. When you feel like you’ll never get the hang of networking

5. I mean trying to make connections can feel impossible

6. Even we don’t always understand what we’re doing

7. Nobody really knows how google ads work

8. To be honest I didn’t know how meetings worked

9. Yeah we aren’t fans of how boomers advertise either

10. Sometimes we’ll go the extra mile for a sale

11. Mandatory Communications Class

12. Every phone meeting is a game of Russian Roulette

13. There’s a market for everything

14. Let’s just pretend we’re all productive

15. When professors immediately hit you with the hard questions

16. We all know there’s really only one best way to write an email

17. Finally, we’re always just trying to learn new tactics

I hope you enjoyed those. Do you have any favorite jokes about your major? Let me know in the comments below! Remember to like, follow and share!


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