20 Marketing predictions for the 2020’s – Part 2

I promised a part 2, and I have delivered! These are the next 10 of my 20 Marketing Predictions for the 2020’s. I hope you enjoy them and if you disagree with me, it just means you’re wrong. Kidding! I love a good debate, so I’d love to hear what you guys think

Soft Impact of Software

Technology is getting crazy, and while you mostly think of Tesla and AI and Sword Art Online when you think of technology, the marketing world is going to take advantage of these advancements. A lot of businesses are bringing in software and programs to help with management, productivity, search engine optimization, content likability and everything else. Every aspect of marketing can be optimized with these programs making the marketing world more innovative and efficient.

Shoppable Posts

Efficiency is everything nowadays, and people love one-stop shops.  Google has been giving stores the chance to tag specific products in their advertisement, allowing consumers to hover over the image and see the price, brand and product details. This is evolving, and it is believed that people may someday be able to purchase directly from the ads. Humanity’s need to make things easier will be what pushes this to become a mainstream form of purchase.

Interactive Content

People are bored. That’s the prediction! Okay, so primarily newer generations are not being drawn in by the bland print ads and videos that they just have to watch, they want to interact. They want to pop the bubble wrap and play with the wrapping paper and be entertained by creativity and innovation. Interactive content can be incorporated into every medium, and we have the means to do it, so 2020 is likely to be a very interactive decade. This article has some great examples.

No More One Content Fits All

The term “make it and they will come” is dead. Executed. We don’t know her, okay? Like I’ve said before, our way of viewing customers needs to change because we can’t keep putting them into these pre-determined categories. If you want to reach an audience, your audience with your content, you must be focused. You need to have targeted content for a focused audience because you just can’t reach everyone. Advertising is going to become more and more tailored for specific audiences to the point where we will start to see a lot more niche business than mainstream.

Holiday Marketing is Stuck in the Chimney

This might just be because I’m old now, but doesn’t it feel like holidays just aren’t fun anymore? Decorations still go up, and everything always happens, but it’s just so bland now. I hate to say this, but I think marketing for the holidays is dying. For one reason, it just doesn’t seem to be as big a deal anymore, the current generations just don’t have the time or energy for it.  Holidays aren’t a priority for people anymore.

The second reason is that we are so connected now, and we are surrounded by many amazing cultures that different holidays and customs are part of our every day now. We can’t pick and choose what holidays are worth celebrating and creating content for. Still, companies can’t always be pushing out holiday campaigns for every occasion to meet every demographic. Holidays are no longer a national celebration, but an individual one and brands can’t be expected to cater to that.  If my prediction makes you as sad as it makes me, you can check out this article on some good holiday marketing examples still around today.

Private Messaging Apps

Have you ever emailed customer support, knowing it’ll take a few hours for a response and then think to yourself that it would be so much easier to connect to brands if they used their own apps? Of course, you have. A lot of brands have begun to develop their own personal way of connecting with their audience via chat bots and messaging programs. These messaging services cut away the inconvenience of emails and phone calls while connecting you to the brand.

A neat example of this is Buzzfeed’s WeChat, which encourages more user-generated content. Check out other examples here. More of these apps will be popping up soon, making 2020 the decade of connection.

Consumers are Changing

There’s a problem coming up in marketing. We don’t know what customers want. We have guesses but no answer. Like I’ve said a hundred times now, customers are changing, and what they want is changing too. Back in the good old days, you could just be selling a product to get a buyer, then we needed a little marketing to get the word out there, then selling got hard, but stuff was still selling, but now you can’t just offer a product and sell it to someone. Consumers need to be sold on the brands, materials, costs, experiences, reputation and all these unique factors. 

We, as marketers, need to start taking into account the individual needs of our consumers and no longer just the big picture. The system needs to revaluate what we think we know about the everyday consumer because things are changing, and they are changing fast.

Transparency is Key

In the world of corrupt politicians, fake news and cancel culture transparency has never been so important. Consumers are really starting to care about who they’re buying from and what the brands they favour mean. Consumers have questions about what is going on behind closed doors, and businesses need to have answers. If a brand wants an audience that is loyal and trusts them completely, they need to be transparent about their marketing, products and other business aspects.

The Elder Industry is Growing Up

So, baby boomers are old now. That’s crazy. I know we youth have really gotten into making fun of baby boomers and disregarding their opinions with a casual “ok, boomer,” which is excellent. I love making fun of boomers, but from a marketing standpoint, they are becoming a massive industry. Boomers are one of the most significant parts of the population, and they are getting old fast, which means we need more nurses, medicine, and other products necessary for their quality of life. Check out this article to see how the digital world is getting in on this. We are going to see a rise in elder targeted products, which means a lot of attention is going to be falling that way with a lot of marketers hoping to cash in on the ageing process.

Globalization aka One Big Multicultural Party

Remember when I said 2020 was the decade of connection? Well, I don’t just mean on the phone. Globalization has brought the world together and made us into one big multicultural mosaic full of beautiful, diverse cultures. Although some people don’t like it because their pathetic racists it’s happening, and no one can stop it.

I wholeheartedly believe we are at the beginning of a complete cultural revolution. Marketing will have to keep up with that. It’s no longer about reaching the all-American family; it’s about reaching everybody else. That means picking up the different meanings in different cultures. The way cultures perceive symbols, colours, music, and everything else is different, and marketers need to take that into account. It’s time for marketing to begin incorporating everybody and every culture.

That’s 10! Thank you all for reading my 20 Marketing Predictions for the 2020’s, and I hope you are as excited about the new decade as I am! There are a lot of new opportunities on the horizon, so don’t be scared to take them! If you have any marketing predictions for the 2020’s, I’d love to hear them in the comments below. Remember to like, comment and share!


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