Disney the Entertainment Tyrant: Brand Assesment

During my first semester at St Lawrence College, I was given the assignment to do a thorough brand assessment of a major company. I chose the Walt Disney Company.

Company Background:

The company was founded on October 16, 1923, as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, by Walt Disney and his brother, Roy. Three years after the company was founded they had produced two movies and purchased a studio in Hollywood, California. Problems with distribution rights nearly bankrupt Walt and his company, but the creation of Mickey Mouse later changed things. In 1934 they filmed Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs which caused difficulties for the company because of the cost. The Walt Disney company contributed during World War 2 by producing propaganda films for the U.S. government which halted all film productions. After the war was over the company faced difficulties trying to return to movies. The 1950s was a busy decade for the company with the release of their first live action film, Treasure Island, and the release of Cinderella. They also launched multiple television series, one of which was the Micky Mouse Club. Then in 1955, they open the now iconic Disneyland, the first of many Disney theme parks. The company continued to flourish even after Walt Disney’s death in 1966. The company then went to Roy Disney until 1971 when an executive team succeeded him. Control over the company eventually went to people such as Michael D. Eisner, Frank Wells, and the current CEO Bob Iger. Over the years Disney has also expanded by buying multiple companies and studios. They bought Pixar in 2006, Marvel Entertainment in 2009 and then Lucasfilm’s in 2012. They have grown far from their humble beginnings and continue to do so today. After going through hard times, they now have assets of $95.7 billion as of 2017.  (Sanders, 2018)

Consumer Analysis:

Disney has been very successful in acquiring millions of consumers in almost every demographic from family’s, to seniors and many more. Disney’s main demographic is 25-45-year-old Caucasian mothers with an annual income between $100K-125K. The second largest is fathers with the same characteristics. Disney has always targeted family’s and specifically children to sell their products to. (InfoScout, 2015) In 2017 the Disney company spent 2.6 billion dollars on advertising to reach their target markets. (Statista, 2018)

Noteworthy Achievements:

  • Creation of Mickey Mouse which won the company an academy award in 1932
  • In 1929, a series of musical shorts, titled ‘Silly Symphonies,’ which featured Mickey’s friends, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto and Mickey’s girlfriend Minnie Mouse was released.
  • In 1938 they released “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” & grossed $8 million
  • They are credited with beginning the Golden Age of Animation.
  • The Walt Disney Studio was opened in 1939
  • The company has won 81 Oscars so far
  • In 1955 they opened Disneyland and now own ten major theme parks
  • In 1961 the company purchased the rights to the “Winnie the Pooh” novels
  • In 1987 the first Disney Store opened
  • In 2006 Disney bought Pixar
  • In 2012 Disney bought Lucasfilms

Industry Disruption:

  • The company loses Oswald series contract
  • In 1941 an animator strike occurred
  • In 1966 the company lost its founder and leader Walt Disney to lung cancer
  • Jim Henson death causes a stall of Disney buying the right to the “Muppets.”
  • Disney loses deal with Netflix, plans to take their movies off the streaming site
  • John Lasseter takes a six-month leave of absence after sexual assault allegations.
  • Over 100 separate lawsuits have been filed against Disney
  • The largest settlement in Disney history was $117 million due to a “pink slime” incident

Marketing Mix:

Disney’s use of the marketing mix expands in multiple different markets. Disney sells hundreds of different products, from movies, to merchandise and to food. They also sell experience using their theme parks. Price wise Disney does not advertise low prices, but they do manipulate the market with their prices. To see a Disney movie or tv show is not generally expensive but the merchandise and individual products attached to them are. It is not expensive to watch Disney, but it is expensive to be a fan of Disney. The Disney company has also done an excellent job at getting their products sold virtually anywhere. You can go almost anywhere in the world and have access to their movies or their merchandise in some way. They have also made it, so other companies are selling their products by allowing other companies to use their images. When it comes to advertising Disney focuses on primarily promoting their movies and occasionally their theme parks. Disney has a genius way of using their products to promote their other ones.

Brand Future:

Considering the way, the Disney company has been conducting business; it can be assumed that Disney will continue to buy more and more companies until eventually, they are the leading provider in the entertainment industry. In the next few decades, Disney could become the only provider of entertainment. The entertainment industry could become a monopoly under Disney.

Another possible direction Disney will go is that they might begin to branch out of the entertainment industry and try to dominate other markets as well. They already have a solid place in the tourism industry, and they have products in food and retail as well. Disney could easily enter new markets and dominate those as they have the entertainment industry.


InfoScout. (2015). Disney Consumer Insights. Retrieved from InfoScout: https://infoscout.co/brand/disney

Sanders, A.-L. (2018). A Brief History of the Walt Disney Company. Livewire.

Statista. (2018). Advertising expense of the Walt Disney Company in the fiscal years 2014 to 2017 (in billion U.S. dollars).


St Larry’s Pub: Fork the Deadlines

For a final project me and my three friends Saige, Bismah and Sonia (they have blogs go follow them) were tasked with creating a marketing communications campaign for our school’s local pub. Through a lot of hard work, we created the  Fork the Deadlines campaign. This is just a project, none of this is official.

1. Situation Analysis

Brand Description:

  • St. Larry’s pub will be aligned with the Kingston campus Student Association values, as it is run by the same supervisors. Similar events such as trivia night and karaoke will take place during special nights to draw in students.
  • A fun, safe and relaxing place to hang out with friends and classmates after class
  • A venue for student-run events.
  • Perfect environment for student performers.
  • By students for students.
  • Brand colours match SA and SLC school colours: black, white, possibly a bit of red. Wood/ rustic design.

Problem Identified:

  • St. Larry’s Pub is a new restaurant/ bar with no previous public history. No reviews or chain locations are available for customers to look at, review and form opinions from. Consumers like the ability to develop trust for a brand, product or service by reading about previous customer interactions with the brand. Without that history, it can be difficult for some consumers to become interested or willing to try out a new venue without public reassurance.
  • Although many students are aware of the pub, many don’t know the details or care to seek them out. St.Larry’s needs to push their brand onto students in order to develop engagement with the student clientele. The brand can be introduced to clientele through the methods described in the Advertising Plan.
  • Since the Pub is in a strategic alliance with the Student Association and on the school campus St.Larry’s needs to establish their brand as a chill hangout spot ran by students for the students, rather than a run-down bar for students to get drunk out of their minds after class. It needs to establish that it does not promote or endorse a rowdy environment but rather a responsible and relaxing image to the public.

2. Target Market Profiles

Primary Market: Students


Age: 19-30

Gender: Both male and female. No defined skew towards either gender.

Income: $20,000-$40,000 a year

Occupation: Part-time jobs, a small population with full-time jobs. No specific field of work.

Education: Part-time or full-time students. Attending St. Lawrence College to earn a certificate, diploma, advanced diploma or bachelor’s degree in a wide variety of subjects offered by the college.

Household formation: Most will be single or dating without children based on target demographics age. Either still living at home with their parents, in residence or renting homes/ apartments with significant others or roommates to lower monthly and yearly costs.

Ethnic Background: No target race or ethnicity. Local Kingstonian students will increase the caucasian consumer population but are not explicitly targeting based on race. International students will bring in diversity, but also won’t be specifically targeted based on that.

Marital status: Majority will be single or dating or be in the earlier years of marriage if past their mid-twenties.


Attitudes: Ambitious, cheerful, caring, positive, social, and laid back.

Interests: Education, relaxation, social gatherings, and work.

Opinions: Want a close and reasonably priced pub nearby. Live on or near campus on a budget.

Activities: School teams, clubs and sports. Great place for student musicians or comedians to perform.

Values: Friendship, education, and community.

Lifestyle: School oriented. A balance between school, work, family and social life. Living on a budget.


City: Kingston or surrounding areas. The majority are from urban or suburban areas. Most likely are renting places, live with parents or live on residence. Due to proximity St. Larry’s will be the top spot for students.

Secondary Market: Staff/ Alumni


Age: 25-55

Gender: Both male and female. No defined skew towards either gender.

Income: $50,000-$100,000 a year

Occupation: Full-time jobs. Working 9-5 days, 5 days a week. No specific field of work.

Education: Diploma or degree recipient. May have continued onto higher education.

Household formation: Most likely dating or married. Depending on age may have 1 or 2 children and a pet.

Ethnic background: No target race or ethnicity.

Marital status: Dating or married.


Attitudes: Ambitious, positive, cheerful, hard- worker.

Interests: Education, relaxation, social gatherings, and work.

Opinions: Want a reasonably priced pub nearby to have alumni get-togethers.

Activities: Work, gym, possibly community sports/ clubs and maybe church. If they have children will be heavily involved in their extracurriculars

Values: Determination, independence, friendship, education, and community.

Lifestyle: Balance between work, family and social life. If they have children, very child oriented. Planning for future career goals or retirement.


City/ Urban: Live in Kingston or surrounding areas, may commute from about an hour away, but nothing more. May come from downtown; a very urban setting or come from the suburbs. Living in the urban city, especially downtown is very common for SLC alumni as many of Kingston’s major businesses are located downtown.

3. Campaign Objectives

  • To firmly position St.Larry’s Pub as the “most unique place to unplug” in the minds of the target market.
  • Build online engagement and popularity among students, staff and alumni. Encourage the ‘tagging’ of location and hashtag usage (#ForkTheDeadlines).
  • Surpass the sales goal of each week for at least half of the campaign.
  • Break even on the costs of building the pub.

4. Positioning Strategy and Positioning Strategy Statement

Positioning Strategy:

  • Student, chill and open atmosphere/ vibe, all of those factors are built into location aesthetic. St.Larry’s Pub is rustic, retro and vintage but with a modern twist as well as updated technology. It is a warm, home away from home, a haven for students to unwind.
  • Enables consumers to say‘fork’ the deadlines in a fun atmosphere with great food. St. Larry’s is a brand of action, it encourages its consumers to cut loose and take advantage of the quality value the pub provides.
  • Simple, clean and direct marketing. All marketing actions will be presented to the students, alumni and public in a straightforward and warm manner; it will not be brash, loud or obnoxious like competitors.

Positioning Strategy Statement

  • St. Larry’s Pub offers St. Lawrence College students the most unique space to unplug, recharge and reconnect. We offer students great food at affordable prices and opportunities to live in the moment, not in the deadlines. Fork the deadlines!

St.Larry’s plans on becoming the dominating food provider on the St. Lawrence College campus. For this goal to become a reality the positioning strategy about “unplugging” and “fork the deadlines” must be evident within all of the integrated marketing communications tactics practiced in order to captivate the mind of every St. Lawrence College student and returning alumni. St. Larry’s advertising team has carefully selected images and artwork that aligns perfectly with the “fork the deadlines” mentality.

5. Advertising Plan

5.1 Advertising Objectives

  • To achieve an awareness level of 75% among the student population by the end of the 3-month campaign.
  • To achieve an awareness level of 20% among the Alumni population by the end of the 3-month campaign.
  • To achieve client purchase rate of 25% among the student population by the end of the 3-month campaign.
  • To establish the brand image in the target market’s mind by presenting images and engaging content that will attract the student target market.
  • To establish brand preference of 50% for St. Larry’s pub over competitors such as the Portsmouth Tavern and The Ale House.

5.2 Creative Plan


  •  To communicate the brand image of St. Larry’s Pub to be inline with a rustic, relaxing and chill vibe in line with target market lifestyle.
  • To portray the feeling of freedom, relaxation and community a student consumer will enjoy and strive for.
  • To communicate an emotional connection between the pub and its values with the target market.

Strategy/ Message:

  •  “Fork the Deadlines” positioning
  • Promote pub using SA socials, getting shout-outs or being tagged by other school official accounts and using popular school and Kingston hashtags online to have the largest reach. 


  • Traditional advertising, out of home advertisements at transfer point bus shelters.
  • Sales promotions, online and4-colour print posters advertising the deals/ offers on at the time. Posted around campus, dorm lobbies and cafeteria.
  •  Online contests, Instagram and Facebook posts and carousel ads to showcase menu items, venue and deals.

5.3 Media Plan

Media Budget:

  • The entire budget for this campaign is $5000 dollars for the quarter of January 2019 to March 2019. This budget will be for the entire duration of the 3-month campaign.

Media Objectives:

  • Our primary target market is students.
  • We want to raise awareness of St. Larry’s Pub to students. St. Larry’s Pub is a relaxing, safe and welcoming space for students to hang out and tune out all of their stress and work-related anxiety.
  • The best times to advertise are in the morning and during the school day. Mornings would be an effective time because people always look at their phones right when they wake up. It would also be effective to advertise during school hours because students have breaks in their schedule and may be looking for somewhere to hang out during their downtime.
  • The priority markets are in and around the Kingston area. They are students who either commute to school or live on campus.
  • The number of students reached is the primary goal of the campaign. St. Larry’s wants their reach to be huge and reach as many students as possible and build up a good amount of return customers as well for continuity.

Media Strategy:

  • The target market matching strategy being applied is ‘Profile-Matching Strategy’ as it is demographic focused and is primarily advertised towards St. Lawrence College students vs the public.
  • Timing: Will follow a ‘Blitz Schedule’ strategy for advertising. Blitz schedule is best suited for St. Larry’s Pub as it will be a multimedia strategy that will actively ensure that students are aware of the pub. This campaign will be mostly reliant on hashtag use and a few paid ads. We hope that with the student engagement they will produce positive PR for the brand.
  •  Research considerations: Want to reach 75% of St. Lawrence colleges student population by the end of the campaign.
  • Frequency considerations: Want every student. to be exposed to St. Larry’s brand and posts at least 3-4times a week on average.
  • Continuity considerations: the 3-month campaign is the continuity timeline.
  • Engagement considerations: Will need to be aware and think carefully about image content before posting on Instagram or Facebook to ensure the attitudes and actions presented reflect St.Larry’s and the SA’s values.
  • Media selection rationale: The sales promotion paid for content will include paper voucher cards and coupons. The online interactive advertisements will be posted strictly on Instagram and Facebook. Facebook due to the fact that it has one of the largest audiences in the world, almost everyone has a profile. It will also be easier to reach the older secondary target market of alumni who network on Facebook. Instagram will be used as visuals are very stimulating and draw in consumers. It allows the pub to show off its aesthetically pleasing layout and design. It is also the most heavily used social media by millennials (which is the student population)
  •  Majority of the budget will be spent on promotion approximately $3000 dollars to compensate for material cost and discounts being provided through the promotions. $2000 will be allocated towards online interactive ads on Instagram and Facebook as it will help instill the brand and custom hashtags that we want consumers to use in the future when posting. This will help jump start free promotion and PR from students posting content with the hashtags discussed in the IMC elements and tagging the company in the posts.

Media Execution:

  • All posts on Instagram &Facebook will be pre-planned and laid out on a calendar. We will utilize tools like Sprout Social to plan out specific times and dates for individual posts.
  •  We will also organize which posts will be paid ads or posted normally for no cost on the pub’s social pages.
  • Look at appendix item (3) to see scheduled posts

All images, text and colour presented must portray the core positioning of St. Larry’s Pub brand. Must use a rustic styled theme, wood background, with SA colours such as red and black and white. Media post will be simple and clean cut, not cluttered and busy.

6. Other IMC Activities

6.1 Traditional Advertising

  • Print: Posters will be displayed around campus, and the SA (see appendix item (2) for example). All ads will include red and white text with images that alignwith the #ForkTheDeadlines theme. It will be minimal text, besides the pub name

    and hashtag. Images displayed in posters will include students cutting loose,

    relaxing, playing board/ pub games, etc. Anything but studying and fretting

    about deadlines will be depicted. It costs $14.99 for an 18″ x 24″ wide-poster format to be printed at Staples. To have a glossy high impact poster will draw in students’ attention in the halls. We will have about 20 posters put on display inside St.Lawrence. They will be put up during the first two weeks of January before students return from Christmas Break and will be left up for the duration of the 3-month campaign. The posters will be taken down at the end of March. They will be displayed around the school campus. The reach of the ad will be approximately 8000 people as that is the estimated number of students enrolled at the Kingston campus in 2018. The frequency will be approximately240 per student, assuming that they have at least two classes a day, on a 5-day school schedule and will pass the ads once on the way to each class and once after each class.

  • TV: As part of the marketing campaign there will also be media advertisements on the televisions around the school campus. For example, the TV’s in the cafeteria, front lobby and office as well as the TV’s present in the Student Association. All ads will align with the #ForkTheDeadlines theme. It will be minimal text, besides the pub name and hashtag. Images displayed in the ads will include students cutting loose, relaxing, playing board/ pub games, etc. Anything but studying and fretting about deadlines will be depicted. The ads will play from the first day of the Winter semester in January to the end of the 3-month campaign in March. It will cost nothing as the SA already has free permission to utilize the school’s televisions. The reach of the ad will be approximately 8000 people as that is the estimated number of students enrolled at the Kingston campus in 2018. The frequency will be approximately 240 per student, assuming that they have at least two classes a day, on a 5-day school schedule and will pass the ads once on the way to each class and once after each class.
  • Out of Home: Out of Home ads will be featured on bus benches around campus, and at major transfer points, around downtown Kingston, since it is where the majority of St. Lawrence students reside. Bench ads’ median cost is approximately $300 per ad for a 4-week period. We will put up 5 bus bench ads for a total of $1200. The ads will be placed in the following locations: the main bus stop outside of the Kingston Campus front doors, two will be placed at the Downtown Transfer point as it contains two seating areas, one on BrockStreet and the other on Bagot Street, one on Portsmouth Avenue (north side ofJohnson) and one last one uptown at the Cataraqui Centre transfer point as the mall is always bustling with students. The other stops were the most used by students. The ad will reach at least 3200students as every student has a bus pass paid for in their tuition, and assuming no more than 40% of students own a car. The frequency of the ads will be about 120 times within the 3 months if they take the bus once in the morning and once again in the afternoon each day.

6.2 Sales Promotion

  • Loyalty Stamp Card­: The pub will have a loyalty stamp card where if the customer hand in their phone/ laptop when entering the pub staff will stamp their loyalty card (see appendix item (5) for example). After 10 stamps, when presenting their card, the customer will receive a free side dish of the pub’s signature Kettle Chips. This would be beneficial to the pub since it will aid in building the pub’s brand and encourage repeat purchases since consumers will look forward to earning that reward. Purchasing these loyalty cards will cost the pub roughly200$ for 5000 stamp cards. This promotion will run through the entire three-month campaign. This promotion will connect to the unplugging aspect of the pubs positioning statement. By turning in their computers and their phones, they will have the opportunity to forget about the stress of college life and let them live in the moment without worry. This encourages the pubs “fork the deadlines” mentality.
  • Vouchers/ Coupons: The vouchers will be available to get at the Student Association and at St Larry’s Pub. Each individual coupon equals half a voucher, and the customer must bring someone with another half with them to the pub to get a discount of $5 off their bill. The vouchers will have a simple design with the St Larry’s logo, instructions on how to use the voucher and the #ForkTheDeadlines (see appendix item (4) for example). This will encourage customers to bring friends and meet up more when they come to the pub, and it will support the“reconnections” aspect of the positioning statement. This will also encourage customers to meet new people at the pub by pairing their voucher with someone else whom they might not know yet. The pub will order 1000 vouchers which will cost about $100. The vouchers are good for the three-month campaign and then will expire after the three months.
  • Playing Cards: The first 500 people to purchase something at St. Larry’s Pub will get a free deck of St. Larry’s Pub playing cards which will have the St Larry’s Pub logo and #ForkTheDeadlines on the back with a wood background (see appendix item (1) for example). The pub will order 500 decks which will cost $500. This will make people more eager to come to St Larry’s when it first opens and cause multiple trial purchases. The playing cards are to symbolize the pub’s desire for students to reconnect with each other in enjoyable ways while also forgetting about the pressures of school life and will allow them to “fork the deadlines.” The cards will also work as a form of out-of-home advertising since everyone who uses the deck of cards, even after the campaign, will see StLarry’s Pub logo along with the #ForkTheDeadlines positioning.

6.3 Online/ Interactive

  • Hashtag: St Larry’s Pub will have its own hashtag and get people to use whenever they post pictures of the pub. The pictures will have pictures of students doing various activities other than doing schoolwork.  They could be playing cards with our branded playing cards, chatting with friends, and not using electronics.  Utilizing the hashtag #ForkTheDeadlines will be an easy and memorable way for students to hashtag in their captions of their Instagram pictures vs. something longer and phrase built like #meetyouatlarrys. This will aid in spreading the word but will also help hype up publicity for the pub. The hashtag establishes what the pub vibe is what the establishment stands for. Through its hashtag St. Larry’s will pick their favourite photos and post them on their Instagram story.
  • Carousel Ads: St. Larry’s is going to use paid carousel ads on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtags mentioned to showcase menu items. Any pictures with people shown should be students as it is a “Fork the Deadline” run business. Photos will include no technology, groups of students, the offered decks of cards, and other elements that relate back to the “Fork the Deadline” positioning. We will allocate $1250 for Instagram ads and $750 for Facebook ads. We want to allocate more to Instagram because more students use Instagram than Facebook and we will be able to reach more of our desired target market.  The ads will target students, as well as people who follow our accounts and their friends and followers.
  • Grassroots: Practice “Grassroots” posts and stories on Instagram and Facebook utilizing the hashtag #ForkTheDeadlines. A few times a week, pub staff will select tagged posts and share them on their social pages to increase brand interaction with the students. Grassroots posts from students and staff will also be a free way for staff to continue promotion without worrying about ongoing costs. Promoting posts from students will really help get across the for students by students’ idea.  It will also help show the atmosphere of the pub and show students unplugging themselves. We can also promote the themed nights that we are going to have by picking pictures showing our customers participating in the activities like trivia night, games night, colouring night and karaoke night.
  • Student Email: Email using the school’s database through the Student Association.  We have access to the student database, and it is a great tool to use in order to promote the pub.  We do not want to overuse it because, as it is, students already receive a lot of emails every day.  Using in a very limited way will still enable us to inform students, without badgering them with many emails.  We do not want to overuse email, so we will just email the students to let them know the Grand Opening.  It will be a simple email with our hours, welcoming them to St. Larry’s Pub. It will mention the hashtags and the various promotions we are going to have.  This will be free for us to do and will be able to inform the students. 


Promotional Material Mock-ups:

1: Deck of Cards back

Back of playing cards
Let’s play!

2: Poster/ Traditional Media Ad

Live in the moment at St Larry’s

3.Campaign Calendar

Events calender
What are we doing?
Events calender
When are we doing it?
Events calender
Dont miss out!

4.Pub Voucher

Pubs "Bring a friend" voucher
Bring a friend and get a deal!

5. Loyalty Stamp Card

St Larry's loyalty stamp card
Turn in the phone and turn on the fun!

First time using Canva

Theses designs were for a class assignment however the charity depicted in the designs is a real charity. Corus Kingston’s Clothes for Kids campaign is working so no child should be cold this winter in the Kingston community. Their goal is to raise enough funds and community awareness to provide brand new snowsuits to all of the children in need in Kingston.  They take monetary donations along with donations of snowsuits. For more information about how to donate or how to apply if you’re in need of the program, you can search Corus clothes for kids or follow this link.